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April 2017 Archives

Vacuum suction deliveries are risky for both babies and mothers

Recently this San Diego medical malpractice and doctor negligence blog presented some common risk factors that may arise during the labor and delivery process. Particularly when doctors choose to use tools of intervention such as vacuum suction of forceps does the threat of risk increase for both worried mothers and newborn babies. This post will explore more deeply the serious complications that may occur as the result of a doctor's use of vacuum suction.

Gross negligence in patient care leads to loss of license

Due to their specialized education and training protocols doctors are often trusted as experts in the fields of health and medicine. As such, many San Diego residents feel confident that they can trust their doctors' decisions about their illnesses and treatment options because those medical professionals have generally undergone years of rigorous practice and study. While many doctors provide excellent services to their patients, others lack of care can not only be unhelpful for their patients but also dangerous.

Risk factors for birth trauma

Some San Diego residents wait years before they have children-the last nine months simply signifying the end of the rainbow with the pot of gold in the form of the lovely infant they await. Mothers often go to their doctors two three times a month in the last month, ensuring everything is going smoothly and to ease their anxiety. They trust their doctors and hospitals to give them the best care possible. So when a birth injury results due to a negligent doctor, families may be overwhelmed as to what their response should be.

Failure to treat infections can lead to sepsis

According to some statistics, there are millions of cases of misdiagnosis of infections every year. Many people in San Diego may not take the misdiagnosis of an infection seriously, but the reality is that a failure to treat an infection can lead to a serious medical condition known as sepsis or septic collapse. Twenty-eight to 50 percent of all people infected with sepsis die, as per the National Institute of General Medical Science.