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Medication Errors Archives

Medication errors: packaging errors lead to birth control recall

Modern medicine and the pharmaceutical community have developed a vast spectrum of drugs that can treat many of the ailments that previously plagued California residents. What once may have been a lifetime affliction may now be treated with a course of medications and individuals are able to go about living their lives without being subjected to invasive treatments thanks in large part to the convenience and efficacy of modern prescription drugs. Prescription medications are highly regulated and generally subjected to strict quality standards to ensure consumers receive the benefits of the drugs without any undue risks. However, just as with any other manufactured good, mistakes can be made in the creation of prescription drugs that can lead to consumer harm.

A medication error can be deadly

Although many people who live within the greater San Diego area live lives free of allergies, some people suffer from life-threatening reactions when they come into contact with the substances their bodies reject. While peanuts, shellfish and latex may come to mind as serious allergens that can cause some one harm, medications can also be the cause of serious allergic reactions.

What are some causes of prescription medication errors?

A common way for a doctor to provide their patient with a means to remedying a physical illness or injury is to prescribe the patient a medication. Medicines can come in variety of forms, such as liquids or capsules, tablets or ointments. While some San Diego health care providers may have access to such medicines in house, others must write their patients' prescriptions so that they may obtain their medications from a pharmacy.

Victims can suffer serious harm due to medication errors

Many of the over the counter and prescription drugs that San Diego residents must take for their medical conditions come with warning labels. Those labels generally explain what the drugs can be used for, how much of the drugs should be taken and what effects the drugs may have on the parties that take them. Pharmaceuticals can be used to treat a vast array of medical conditions and in most cases provide those who take them with much needed relief.

California man sues for medical negligence after medication error

This blog recently discussed the potential dangers of medication errors. A California man recently brought a medical malpractice claim because he asserts he was prescribed medication long term that was only intended for short-term use. The man asserts in his lawsuit that he was prescribed the medication on a long term basis for a number of years. The victim brought his lawsuit for medical negligence against a drug store company.

Resources area available for victims of medication errors

Medication errors cause at least one death daily and annually result in 1.3 million injured victims in the United States. Medication errors can occur at different points along the medication distribution timeline. Medication errors can occur when prescribing, repackaging, dispensing, administering or monitoring medication. Medication errors can occur in different settings, including hospitals, and involve different medical professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and hospital and other medical staff.

Medication errors can be serious and life-threatening

Unfortunately, even when considering advances in technology, medication errors still occur. Medication errors can be serious and life-threatening. The wrong dosage of a medication can cause serious injuries and in the worst cases, can be fatal. When a doctor, nurse, pharmacy or hospital has caused a medication error, they may be liable to the victim and their family that have suffered the harm as a result of their medical negligence.

Woman brings medical malpractice claim in California

Medical malpractice resources are available for the protection of victims. A lawsuit was recently brought in California against the Veteran's Administration (VA), United States government and others for medical malpractice. The victim filed a lawsuit asserting that the VA failed to properly diagnose her ear condition. She asserts that she suffered from an untreated ear condition because the VA did not properly prescribe the correct medication for her ear condition or provide proper medical treatment for her ear condition. The victim is seeking $1 million in compensation for the variety of damages she suffered as a result.

Nurses must follow "five rights" to prevent serious injury

Medication errors are a serious problem, both in California and nationwide. Patients may think that medication errors happen mainly due to a physician's error, but, in fact, many medication errors are due to the actions of a negligent nurse. Specifically, nurses who fail to follow what are known as the "five rights" of drug administration may contribute to serious, and even fatal, medication errors.

Where do medication error adverse drug events occur?

Safety in medication use is essential to prevent unwanted consequences. From storing medications securely away from young children, to reading labels closely, there are many steps that Californians can take at home to ensure safe medication use. Unfortunately, however, sometimes Californians are at the mercy of medical professionals who are prescribing and administering medications and, despite their professional positions, these individuals may make dangerous medication errors that may result in adverse drug events.