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Gross negligence in patient care leads to loss of license

Due to their specialized education and training protocols doctors are often trusted as experts in the fields of health and medicine. As such, many San Diego residents feel confident that they can trust their doctors' decisions about their illnesses and treatment options because those medical professionals have generally undergone years of rigorous practice and study. While many doctors provide excellent services to their patients, others lack of care can not only be unhelpful for their patients but also dangerous.

Recently a doctor who worked at a private healthcare facility lost his medical license due to allegations of gross negligence in the care of several patients. The doctor worked at pH Miracle Ranch in Valley Center and prescribed treatments for patients who wished to be healed through the ranch's alkaline diet plan. The doctor allegedly failed to perform examinations of some of the patients at the ranch and failed to also secure medical histories from some of those individuals who he treated. He also allegedly gave chemotherapy treatments to patients even though he was not trained to do so and did not follow up with the patients who received those treatments.

In addition to losing his medical license the doctor also faced criminal charges due to his actions at the ranch and the victims of his gross negligence may also have exercised their options to sue him under medical malpractice theories of law. When health care providers fail to meet the standards of care required of their professions they may be held liable for the harm they cause.

The doctor discussed in this story committed a litany of errors in the treatment of individuals who sought out his medical expertise. From failing to understand his patients' histories to using treatment methods that he was not trained to use, this doctor subjected vulnerable individuals to dangerous medical practices. Readers with further questions about doctor errors and medical malpractice claims may wish to consult with personal injury attorneys who practice in this field.

Source:, "Board revokes license of pH Miracle medical doctor who worked at Valley Center," Teri Figueroa, April 11, 2017

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