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January 2017 Archives

California man sues for medical negligence after medication error

This blog recently discussed the potential dangers of medication errors. A California man recently brought a medical malpractice claim because he asserts he was prescribed medication long term that was only intended for short-term use. The man asserts in his lawsuit that he was prescribed the medication on a long term basis for a number of years. The victim brought his lawsuit for medical negligence against a drug store company.

Resources area available for victims of medication errors

Medication errors cause at least one death daily and annually result in 1.3 million injured victims in the United States. Medication errors can occur at different points along the medication distribution timeline. Medication errors can occur when prescribing, repackaging, dispensing, administering or monitoring medication. Medication errors can occur in different settings, including hospitals, and involve different medical professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and hospital and other medical staff.

California man asserts he was injured during surgery

Victims harmed during surgery have legal protections available to them. A California man recently filed a lawsuit alleging he was injured during surgery. The victim asserts in his lawsuit that, during surgery, his esophagus was perforated. The victim brought his lawsuit against the Veterans' Affairs hospital, a doctor and others asserting medical negligence. In the lawsuit, the victim asserts that the surgery was unprofessionally performed and that the injury he suffered was not discovered for two weeks. The victim is seeking general damages, medical expenses and other damages in his lawsuit.

Medication errors can be serious and life-threatening

Unfortunately, even when considering advances in technology, medication errors still occur. Medication errors can be serious and life-threatening. The wrong dosage of a medication can cause serious injuries and in the worst cases, can be fatal. When a doctor, nurse, pharmacy or hospital has caused a medication error, they may be liable to the victim and their family that have suffered the harm as a result of their medical negligence.