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California man sues for medical negligence after medication error

This blog recently discussed the potential dangers of medication errors. A California man recently brought a medical malpractice claim because he asserts he was prescribed medication long term that was only intended for short-term use. The man asserts in his lawsuit that he was prescribed the medication on a long term basis for a number of years. The victim brought his lawsuit for medical negligence against a drug store company.

According to the lawsuit, the victim began receiving medical care in 2012 that included a regular prescription for a particular drug. The victim notes in his lawsuit that risks were associated with regular use of the drug he was prescribed and that it was not supposed to be taken for longer than 12 weeks. The victim asserts in his lawsuit that because of the medical negligence of those providing him with medical care, he has suffered motor and neurological problems, severe respiratory distress, aspiration hazards and other harm including pain and suffering and disability, among others.

The victim is seeking medical expenses and other damages. A variety of damages may be available to victims of medical negligence through a medical malpractice claim for damages. Victims may be able to recover for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Claims for the physical, financial and emotional damages associated with medication errors, and medical malpractice generally, can be brought against a negligent pharmacist or other negligent healthcare provider or professional.

Victims who have been harmed while receiving medical care have legal options to consider to help protect them. Patients should be safe when seeking and receiving medical care which is why legal resources are available when they have been harmed.

Source: Northern California Record, "Man alleges long-term use of prescription drug caused motor, neurological problems," Jenie Mallari-Torres, Jan. 16, 2017

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