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June 2017 Archives

Emergency room mistakes can cause serious injuries to patients

When experiencing a medical emergency, a San Diego resident may find themselves in the back of an ambulance and on the way to a hospital's emergency room. Emergency rooms are departments set up to handle the rapid diagnosis and treatment of critical patients who come in with traumatic injuries and sudden illnesses. Though many ER doctors are skilled at recognizing the signs and symptoms of serious complications in their patients, there are several reasons that dangerous and sometimes deadly emergency room mistakes happen in American hospitals.

What is a uterine rupture and what are the risks?

Expecting mothers across San Diego hope for easy labor and delivery experiences that are safe for both mother and child and that come with as little discomfort as possible. While many mothers are able to bring their children into the world without interventions or extraordinary medical care, some delivery scenarios result in babies being born through caesarian births.

Medication errors: packaging errors lead to birth control recall

Modern medicine and the pharmaceutical community have developed a vast spectrum of drugs that can treat many of the ailments that previously plagued California residents. What once may have been a lifetime affliction may now be treated with a course of medications and individuals are able to go about living their lives without being subjected to invasive treatments thanks in large part to the convenience and efficacy of modern prescription drugs. Prescription medications are highly regulated and generally subjected to strict quality standards to ensure consumers receive the benefits of the drugs without any undue risks. However, just as with any other manufactured good, mistakes can be made in the creation of prescription drugs that can lead to consumer harm.

The role of specialization in medical malpractice lawsuits

The title "medical doctor" is a general phrase that applies to individuals who hold medical degrees. Medical doctors can practice their professions in many different specialties, such as pediatrics, cardiology and gastroenterology. It is important that San Diego residents recognize and understand that role that specialization can play in proving a medical malpractice case, particularly with regard to the application of the appropriate standard of care to the doctor or doctors under review.

A medication error can be deadly

Although many people who live within the greater San Diego area live lives free of allergies, some people suffer from life-threatening reactions when they come into contact with the substances their bodies reject. While peanuts, shellfish and latex may come to mind as serious allergens that can cause some one harm, medications can also be the cause of serious allergic reactions.