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Medication errors: packaging errors lead to birth control recall

Modern medicine and the pharmaceutical community have developed a vast spectrum of drugs that can treat many of the ailments that previously plagued California residents. What once may have been a lifetime affliction may now be treated with a course of medications and individuals are able to go about living their lives without being subjected to invasive treatments thanks in large part to the convenience and efficacy of modern prescription drugs. Prescription medications are highly regulated and generally subjected to strict quality standards to ensure consumers receive the benefits of the drugs without any undue risks. However, just as with any other manufactured good, mistakes can be made in the creation of prescription drugs that can lead to consumer harm.

Recently Southern California residents may have heard that a company that manufactures birth control pills recalled some of its products due to packaging and labeling mistakes. Birth control pills rely on hormones to prevent women from conceiving, and the recalled drugs placed the pills in the wrong order which could expose women to pregnancies that they did not intend to have.

Although many individuals who consider the use of birth control pills to be solely for the prevention of pregnancies, some take the prescription drugs to treat other serious medical conditions. The mistakes made by this drug manufacturer could lead not only to women discovering that they are pregnant when it was their intention to avoid such conditions but also medical problems in those who took the drugs to remedy other medical conditions.

Poor packaging and manufacturing errors are just a few of the ways that individuals may be subjected to medication mistakes. From receiving the wrong drugs from a pharmacist to being given a dangerous combination of drugs in a hospital, the medications that are intended to make people well sometimes cause harm when they are provided in a negligent way. Readers with questions about medication errors are asked to speak with an attorney about possible claims they may have.

Source:, "Birth Control Pills Recalled Over Error That Could Result In Pregnancy," Kelly Whitney, June 8, 2017

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