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September 2016 Archives

Common causes of wrong-site surgeries identified

A wrong-site surgery is a massive mistake. Such a surgery occurs when a California surgeon operates on an incorrect body part, the wrong patient or performs the wrong procedure. In a study of wrong-site surgeries conducted by The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare Project, major factors that contribute to these colossal mistakes were identified. There are numerous causes and mistakes that occur at all stages of an operation, but the study organized the causes they identified into four main perioperative areas, including scheduling, pre-op/holding, operating room and organizational culture.

Where do medication error adverse drug events occur?

Safety in medication use is essential to prevent unwanted consequences. From storing medications securely away from young children, to reading labels closely, there are many steps that Californians can take at home to ensure safe medication use. Unfortunately, however, sometimes Californians are at the mercy of medical professionals who are prescribing and administering medications and, despite their professional positions, these individuals may make dangerous medication errors that may result in adverse drug events.

Will time limits affect my California birth injury case?

The time period immediately following a child's birth is often a whirlwind for California families. A mother needs to recover physically and a family must adjust to having a newborn in their home. A significant period of adjustment often follows even the most ordinary childbirth experience, but for families who have experienced some sort of trauma during the childbirth process, such as a birth injury, the adjustment period may be even more difficult or prolonged.

Protecting the rights of patients following a surgical error

Surgical errors have been described as never events. As a previous post discussed, this is when an event that should have never occurred did occur. While patients in San Diego put trust and reliance in surgeons and their medical teams, the truth is that everyone working in a surgical room is prone to human errors. Such a condition presents the possibility of surgical mistakes and potential harms to the patient.