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May 2017 Archives

What is placental abruption?

Childbirth is a beautiful process that begins more than nine months before a baby is scheduled to come into the world. Unfortunately over the course of those nine months a number of complications can occur that can put San Diego mothers-to-be and infants at risk for serious injuries and death. One such complication is placental abruption, a problem that results from the placenta removing partially or completely from the uterine wall.

Doctor errors harm patients and lead to preventable deaths

The axiom, "To err is human," is commonly stated to explain the many mistakes and errors that people make each and every day. It is doubtful that any San Diego resident has gone their entire life without a slip-up of some kind, and though some blunders are normal, there are some contexts in which mistakes seem inexcusable. One place that individuals expect to be error free is their doctors' offices, but according to some studies doctors make many mistakes that put their patients in harm's way.

Hospital negligence can lead to injuries, illnesses and death

Modern medicine is a marvel, and San Diego is home to some of the best hospitals and medical facilities in the country. As such, the residents of the metropolitan area are often treated to the best care and most highly trained medical professionals in the nation. In this incredible age of advancing science and improving treatment options it is hard to believe that mistakes and negligence can be present in the actions of doctors, nurses and supportive medical staff.

What are some causes of prescription medication errors?

A common way for a doctor to provide their patient with a means to remedying a physical illness or injury is to prescribe the patient a medication. Medicines can come in variety of forms, such as liquids or capsules, tablets or ointments. While some San Diego health care providers may have access to such medicines in house, others must write their patients' prescriptions so that they may obtain their medications from a pharmacy.