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What is placental abruption?

Childbirth is a beautiful process that begins more than nine months before a baby is scheduled to come into the world. Unfortunately over the course of those nine months a number of complications can occur that can put San Diego mothers-to-be and infants at risk for serious injuries and death. One such complication is placental abruption, a problem that results from the placenta removing partially or completely from the uterine wall.

The placenta is an organ that grows specifically during the development of a child and that is intended to be delivered with the baby when they are due. It provides the baby with nutrients and oxygen, two components that are necessary for a little one to properly grow while inside the womb. It should remain attached to the mother until it is time for it to be delivered after the baby comes into the world.

When the placenta detaches a mother may experience some very scary symptoms. She may begin to bleed and she may experience pain in her uterus and back. An unchecked placental abruption can result in premature labor, low birth weight in a baby and even stillbirth in serious cases.

When women present with symptoms of placental abruption, it is on doctors to make good decisions about how to treat them to protect the woman's health as well as the health of their unborn children. A doctor who ignores or fails to recognize the symptoms of placental abruption in their patient may be guilty of medical malpractice if that patient suffers injuries or harm as a result of the doctor's negligence. Placental abruptions are rare, though doctors who choose to treat pregnant patients should be able to recognize the condition and treat it to avoid subjecting their patients to serious harm.

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