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California attorney counsels clients following birth injuries

Following a birth injury, it can be difficult for a California family to know exactly how to proceed. Of course, they will need to obtain medical care for an injured infant or mother. Family members may need to seek counseling to deal with the emotional trauma of a difficult delivery process. Physical and emotional injuries may heal slowly, but, unfortunately, California families do not have unfettered access to time when it comes to filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in connection with a birth injury, as this blog reported in a previous post.

There are specific time limitations that regulate when a lawsuit may be filed against a negligent nurse or doctor, and once that time period has passed, a Californian may have lost the chance to recover financially for injuries that occurred. Therefore, it is essential that those families who have suffered from the repercussions of a birth injury seek legal guidance promptly.

Attorney Steven I. Kastner can guide clients following a birth injury. He will help them formulate a case against a negligent medical provider or hospital and seek compensation for injuries inflicted. There are some circumstances that may delay the state's strict time limitations, but an individual should not assume that such exceptions will apply to her case without first consulting with an attorney.

Mr. Kastner handles all manner of personal injury and medical malpractice matters and seeks compensation for clients who have been injured due to labor and delivery errors, birth trauma, Group B Strep, shoulder dystocia and many other birth injuries. Additional information about Mr. Kastner's services is available at the following webpage.

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