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November 2016 Archives

California mother alleges medical malpractice against provider

Legal recourse is available to victims of medical malpractice. A California mother has brought a claim for medical malpractice following her assertion that her son was misdiagnosed. According to the woman, her son was diagnosed with a viral infection for symptoms which ultimately turned out to be the result of a penny lodged in his esophagus. The woman reports that her 8-month old son had a fever and a rash that were worsening but that her concerns and requests for additional tests were dismissed.

Remedies are available to victims of nursing home neglect

Nursing home facilities are used in a variety of circumstances, including long-term care later in life as well as for rehabilitation after surgery or a serious illness. Nurses and staff at nursing homes, just like at hospitals, have a duty of care to ensure the well-being of patients while in their care at the nursing home whether they are there to recover from an injury or illness or are elderly and likely contemplating a more long-term stay at the facility.

Understanding legal remedies for failure to diagnose

Most of us place trust in the medical professionals that care for us when we are sick or injured. Suffering from a worsened condition because of a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose or properly treat a medical condition can significantly harm victims and their families. Doctors, medical professionals, hospitals and hospital staff may all be held liable when a failure to diagnose or improper diagnosis, treatment or care results in a worsened condition and harm to the victim.

Woman brings medical malpractice claim in California

Medical malpractice resources are available for the protection of victims. A lawsuit was recently brought in California against the Veteran's Administration (VA), United States government and others for medical malpractice. The victim filed a lawsuit asserting that the VA failed to properly diagnose her ear condition. She asserts that she suffered from an untreated ear condition because the VA did not properly prescribe the correct medication for her ear condition or provide proper medical treatment for her ear condition. The victim is seeking $1 million in compensation for the variety of damages she suffered as a result.