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Failure to treat infections can lead to sepsis

According to some statistics, there are millions of cases of misdiagnosis of infections every year. Many people in San Diego may not take the misdiagnosis of an infection seriously, but the reality is that a failure to treat an infection can lead to a serious medical condition known as sepsis or septic collapse. Twenty-eight to 50 percent of all people infected with sepsis die, as per the National Institute of General Medical Science.

Sepsis is known as the immune system's overwhelming response to a persistent or misdiagnosed or inappropriately treated infection. The blood flow becomes impaired and causes damage to the organs by depriving them of oxygen and other nutrients. As organs shut down, death results. Failure to diagnose an infection can lead to medical negligence if a reasonable medical professional would have been able to diagnose it in similar circumstances.

At times, the infection may be diagnosed but not in a timely manner. When the diagnosis is not prompt, it can lead the patient's health suffering serious consequences. At times, the mistake is not uncovered until sepsis has taken root. When the infection has been diagnosed, it is sometimes not treated properly. When a health care professional deviates from the standard protocol to treat the infection and the infection is either not treated or worsens, this could amount to medical negligence.

Patients seldom find out they have been misdiagnosed or that their infection has not been treated properly. If they do find out, or they see their health worsening rather than improving after visiting a health care professional, they may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney to find out if they have a medical malpractice case.

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