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Victims can suffer serious harm due to medication errors

Many of the over the counter and prescription drugs that San Diego residents must take for their medical conditions come with warning labels. Those labels generally explain what the drugs can be used for, how much of the drugs should be taken and what effects the drugs may have on the parties that take them. Pharmaceuticals can be used to treat a vast array of medical conditions and in most cases provide those who take them with much needed relief.

However, some drugs, though beneficial in treating particular conditions, can cause individuals significant and irreparable harm if they are taken incorrectly. A drug that treats a serious illness may cause a patient to suffer some side effects, but if taken incorrectly may cause the patient to endure problems that result in substantial harm to their body. The harm from a misused drug can even result in death in the most tragic cases.

When a patient is administered the wrong drug or given the wrong dose of a drug while under the care of a doctor, hospital or medical provider, those entities may be liable to the patient for the damages they sustain from the mistake. When a pharmacy provides a patient with the wrong medication or incorrect or unclear dosage information then the patient may also have legal claims based on the harm they suffered.

The Law Offices of Steven I. Kastner are available to work with clients who have been hurt in cases based on medication errors. Proving a medication error case can be challenging, but with the help of a dedicated personal injury and medical malpractice legal team a victim can feel confident moving their case forward and toward the compensation they need to thrive.

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